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A predictive analytics platform built for business teams
Advanced analytics is the new mandate for business teams. That means data science needs to leave the ivory tower.
Pecan grants any business user the power to build, train and deploy predictive models without data science training.
Solve for critical business KPIs like predicting customer churn, or forecasting demand of products. Make your marketing, operations and sales efforts AI-driven in a way that's fast, scalable, and laser-focused on delivering ROI.
Learn how Pecan can help you:
  • Deploy 10x faster time-to-market than manual data science
  • Business templates designed to solve critical KPIs like customer churn, upsell, conversion, and demand forecasting
  • Empower business teams to easily perform advanced analytics
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About Pecan
Pecan is an automated AI-based predictive analytics platform that simplifies and speeds the process of building and deploying predictive models in various customer-related and operational use-cases. Pecan does not require any data preparation, engineering or prepossessing - it connects directly to raw data, and uses neural networks to automate the entire predictive process.

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