The What and Why of Predictive Analytics

Gaining foresight for your business with data

With data analytics and data science including so many different skills and approaches, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what the key terms even mean, much less how or why to adopt this approach on your team and in your business.

Predictive analytics has immense capability to reshape your business and help you achieve your most significant metrics for success. This guide will introduce you to the fundamental meaning of the term, plus examples of how data-driven predictions can help you accomplish your business goals.

In this guide, you'll learn:
  • How predictive analytics is already operating in your everyday life
  • What the most common terms used in predictive analytics actually mean
  • What the major types of predictive models are and the fundamentals of how they work
  • How today's approach to predictive analytics makes predictive power available to all data professionals, not just data scientists
  • How you can anticipate what will happen in the future by applying predictive analytics - and boosting your business's success
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About Pecan
Pecan helps business intelligence, operations, marketing, and sales teams predict mission-critical outcomes. As the world’s only low-code predictive analytics and data science platform, Pecan enables companies to harness the full power of AI and predictive modeling without requiring any data scientists on staff. With Pecan’s platform, companies turn hindsight into foresight by generating highly accurate predictions and recommendations that improve customer lifetime value, retention, conversion rates, demand forecasting, and other revenue-driving KPIs.
Founded in 2018, Pecan’s predictions impact billions of dollars in revenue for fintech, insurance, retail, consumer packaged goods, mobile apps, and consumer services companies of all sizes.

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